Dessert Cakes & Pastries

Dessert Cakes & Pastries

Try all of our dessert cakes, pastries, and cookies

We have everyone’s favorite dessert! For any day or night, we have that delicious cake that will make it just right. 

We have large variety of the freshest, finest cakes, cheesecakes and Pies. Our dessert cakes are perfect for all occasions, family dinners, small get-togethers, office parties and more. 

We can decorate any store cake for any occasion. We have something for everyone, please check out some of our favorites!
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Some Favorite Dessert Cakes

Cassata Cakes, Strawberry Short Cakes, Tiramisu, Bliss Cake, Chocolate Ganache Cake, Rainbow Cookie Cake, Peanut butter Fudge Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Fun-Fetti Cake, German Chocolate Cake, Mocha Cake, Maple Walnut Cake, Carrot Cake, 7 Layer cake, Lemon Coconut cake, Raspberry mousse Cake, Raspberry Fudge Cake, Black out Cake, Black forest, and more...
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Our Favorite Famous Cheesecakes

Our New York Cheesecakes really are life changing, and with our large variety of gourmet cheesecakes, we have something for everyone!

Cannoli Cheesecakes, Fresh Fruit Cheesecakes, Raspberry Mousse Cheesecakes, Cookies & Cream Cheesecakes, Marble Cheesecakes, Apple Caramel Crumb Cheesecakes, Caramel Cheesecakes, Italian Cheesecakes, Strawberry Graham Cracker Cheesecakes, Silk & Satin (chocolate mousse cheesecakes) Plain Cheesecakes and our most famous cheesecake Pumpkin Cheesecake, only available in the fall and winter! 

Our Cheesecakes really are a slice of heaven!

See Our Dessert Cakes & Pastries

We can make custom party favors for any Occasion!

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