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We Really are the Pastry Shop

This is where old meets new in only the best ways! We have all your favorite traditional pastries, our famous always filled to order Cannolis, napoleans, Lobster Tails, eclairs, sfogliatelle... With all the newest creations, Crois-Nuts, gourmet cupcakes, Rainbow Pastries and more. Alpine can really make everyone a little sweeter! Mix it up with a variety of pastries, it is a good addition to any party or occasion.

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Crazy for Cookies

We bake our delicious Butter Cookies and Italian Biscuits around the clock! We have our famous secret family recipe Rainbow Cookies and Pignoli cookies, that are the perfect pair to our amazing butter cookies. Our Butter cookies filled with the freshest raspberry jam, apricot jam, or chocolate ganache. We also have some dipped in sweet chocolate, or white chocolate. Some all time favorites, Turtles, Peanut butter Cookies, Samoa's, Linzar Tarts, Lace Cookies, Pink and green Leaves and more. All cookies go well with a glass of coffee or tea, but our Italian biscuits are the perfect pair! We have all the favorites, Regina, Anisette Toast, Naplotans, Quadesmali, Saviardi, Toralli and more...

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Go Nuts for Crois-nuts!

Alpine Croi-nuts, really there are no words!! If you are an Alpine lover, just wait till you taste these! We will make your taste buds dance with our large selection of flavors!
Jelly, Boston Cream, Glazed, Salted Caramel, Chocolate Fudge, and Butter Cream, are a few flavors that will make you never think of having donuts again! Then we take it up a notch by filling these with our famous Cannoli cream, and Lobster Cream! We also have a Nutella Lobster Cream Crios-nut that really is the icing on the cake! Make sure to ask about all the possibilities!

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